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Mean Tom

buy the digital album on bandcamp and iTunes

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teen mom

A band from Washington, DC. We are Chris Kelly, Sean Dalby, and Tom MacWright. We've made three albums: Mean Tom, Gilly, and Groovy. We would love to play your venue, whether kennedy center or shea stadium: email us to make that happen.

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... Teen Mom crafted some thoughtful songs for Gilly that are like sweet cups of hot chocolate to satisfy your music cravings -DC Music Download
... has a way of sneaking in the back door and making itself at home -Washington City Paper
Gentle but mighty pop from the District’s greatest living fuzz trio. -Washington Post
There's a band called Teen Mom, and they're awesome. -MTV
Clever spoonerism of an EP -KEXP
this album is soulful and heartfelt from beginning to end -selective memory mag
8.5/10: This record is prolific and indeed awesome -405
Teen Mom coat their punk ballads with an elegant balance of grit and sweet melody -portals music